Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Husbands that want cucked

For those men out there that have the burning desire to watch their wife become a black mans slut, I like to play toward their cuckold wishes. I'd like to think I possess an instinctive sense of the cuckold mindset, leaning toward fulfilling desires to be part of a humiliation play while I transform their wife into my white slut. With that type of scenario in mind, I'd like to present the list of hoops I'll typically ask a husband to jump through.


#1 Starts with a conversation where in he humbly admits that he desires to see his wife satisfied by another man. Being in this lifestyle for some time we can forget what a powerful confession this is, but it can be quite liberating as well as humiliating to openly state the cuckold fantasy. Whether it be on the phone, an e-mail, or in person this is an important first step to beginning my DOM relationship with a couple. I'd have you point blank say that you want to see my black dick in (your wife's name here), and use her for my own twisted sexual pleasure. From there I want him to spill all the beans to me about his fetishes and desires involving me taking over in the bedroom.

#2 Is verbally prepping the wife. Having him make a similar admission to his wife about his deep seeded desire to offer up his own wife to me is equally important. With some couples this has already been discussed in detail, for others a bull or dom is needed to assist in fully realizing the fantasy lifestyle. In any case she needs to know he doesn't mind being subservient to the entire situation, and in fact desires it.

#3 Would be physically prepping the wife. This can go quite in depth, but the general idea is I want HIM to take a major part in assisting to get her ready for my evening with her. It should usually involve a few major changes to her normal routine, so that he can see I'm changing her into my image of what a slut wife should be. I'm molding her to my own liking, something far different from what he's used to seeing during date nights with her. I most always begin by sending him out personally to buy some particular trashy lingerie that I've selected. I attempt to select something that is new, edgy, and unfamiliar to both of them for her to bring them out of a comfort zone and into a new version of sexy. I always enjoy the thought of a husband out at a lingerie store selecting outfits for another man to remove in the heat of passion later. The thought of another man enjoying his wife dressed up in nasty lingerie the HE is buying has to drive him crazy. Next I like to make cosmetic changes with his help. New perfume gives her a totally different scent he is unfamiliar with during his years of marriage and makes her that much more 'my girl'. He will be instructed to purchase my idea of a sexy perfume as well as some new lipstick and nail polish for her. If he is particularly sub, I've had men paint their wives toenails and fingernails before my arrival. Finally, I like a cuck hubby to assist in shaving his bride, legs and cunt. He ought to be up close and personal with his wife's pussy while contemplating how much I'm going to enjoy it a few hours later. I want him to pay attention the the details of how I asked him to shave her in a particular way for my liking. After all the next time he sees her twat this close is gonna be after I've beat it up and left it full of cum.

Includes watching and listening during my time with her. In most cases I think he should be present, the first several times we meet for sure, so he can observe first hand how raw and nasty we are in bed together. It's vitally important for a cuck to witness how vastly different his lovemaking is from me using his wife for my carnal pleasure. This is where I really play toward the cuckold husbands fantasy as well. I'll demand he gets a close up as I 1st enter her body, make sure he sees how rough I am on her, and ask him questions like "Do you see her being a slut for me?". I especially like being vocal with him listening, calling his own wife filthy names in his marital bed. And I really like to encourage his woman to cry out loudly and tell me what a 'black cock whore' she is with him listening to every word.

#5 Is direct assistance with a sexual play on his own wife. I like bringing him into the action in my own ways so he can feel how he is contributing to the whole lewd situation, yet unable to stop it or make changes. I've had plenty of sub husbands hold open their wife's labia as I penetrate her, it's sort of a humble offering up of their wife's most private parts. Verbally encouraging her and I both is pretty standard for most hubs, as well as passing me sex toys and lube. What I love to do is direct a hub to take photographs of scenes and details that I find sexy. I want him to capture the moments I find most smutty and pornographic, like the coating of his wife's cum on my black cock as i thrust in and out. I've also had husbands fetch me magic markers so I can write crude and despicable things all over his spouse's flesh. The powerless yet helpful contributions he makes lend that much more of an immoral and taboo feeling for him. I want him thinking: 'my god I actually helped this bull abuse and use my own wife in an obscene fashion'.

#6 The aftermath. When I'm finally done with her, and I've left her pussy red, swollen, and leaking my load.... the aftermath is his to deal with. Some hubs like to clean up her cunt, but I like to leave it up to the woman. After all it is her cum filled cunt, she's the one that worked for it. I'd much prefer for him to have to watch as she first dips her fingers inside, scooping out as much semen as possible to bring to her mouth. For him to examine her playing with the cum I've left in her insides speaks far more to him on how much she truly enjoyed being treated like a cheap white slut wife. If after that she allows him to clean her up so be it. Then I'll send them both to the shower where he needs to assist her in cleaning up again.

#7 Is preparing for our next encounter. I'll continue communication with hubby to ready us both for my next night with her. In the meantime I may ask him to purchase some new and deviant sex toys to add even more of an perverted element to our next meet. I think most cuck hubs would have fun selecting a ball gag and collar for their wife's black master to put on her!


  1. Wow. Great stuff. Every cuck's dream come true. :-)

  2. Do You ever require the cuck to prep You to get Your cock hard for the Wife or clean You up after you have filled her?

  3. Agree with Jordan. Would like to see this happen to my wife.