Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Cuckolds Motive

I've heard from several boyfriends and husbands that they just want to see their woman happy. Of course they'd like to see her sexually satisfied, perhaps in a way they can not give her pleasure. Maby it is just about size, stamina, and assertiveness....

I often wonder the reasons for a white husband wanting to be cucked by a black bull.

Perhaps its wanting to 'share' what they have in a significant other. I can see being proud of what they have in a wife. Feels good to have others verify her beauty and sexual talents. Having another man confirm her attractiveness and prowess in bed is another way of gloating or bragging about the special woman in your life.

Here is another theory, When a wife takes a new lover, in her excitement, she triggers the neurochemicals of a new relationship, bringing home excitement to her husband. It's sort of re-kindling a flame to a relationship that may need the spark of some sexual excitement like that of when a couple first begin dating.

I've also heard references to the voyeuristic turn on. I'm sure its got to be hot to watch the woman you married transform into a complete slut for another man. To be there to watch it happen to her in front of ones own eyes must be an exhilarating high for some men. Those are the type of guys I like to put on a good 'show' for, to appease the voyeur in them.

We've all of course probably heard the theory referring to the biological origin of the cuck fetish. In case yo have not heard this one, it suggests that a husband is prompted by biological urges to "compete" with other men's sperm. The idea is that a deep psychological drive is triggered upon seeing their wife mate with other men, and somehow neurologically their own sperm kick into a sort of chemical overdrive to out preform a lovers semen. Not sure if I buy this one entirely, but it's interesting.

As it goes in a loving relationship, most men can not assume the role of the dominant and overly aggressive male. That's where an outsider is needed to step in and simply 'use' a woman like a piece of meat and completely ravish her. The bull can make references to what a "slut" and "Cunt" she is without regard for hurting feelings within a relationship. A loving and nurturing relationship doesn't always allow for some of the rough treatment sexually a couple can fantasize about, and continue to respect each other later. I on the other hand have no hang ups about humiliating a wife in bed and not have to deal with the blow back the morning after.

Sometimes I think hubbies like me to 'entertain' their wives in the sense of giving their woman a new toy. I don't mind being a sex object for a white wife either, Usually that's what they are to me as well.

Tell me what your motive is....................

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  1. I enjoy watching a REAL man (black man) give her what I never could. Black men are confident. Black men are in touch with their sexuality. Black men communicate very directly what they want. Black men are very in touch with what white women want, and know how to please them while simulataneously being pleased. For us, it is mainly about stamina. It is fascinating for me to watch how long a black bull can make love to my wife. I am even more fascinated by her ability to keep up. So I guess for me, it is more voyeristic. I love to watch.