Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What a great way of degrading a white woman... letting loose a stream of piss anywhere on her body. Definitely says 'ownership' and leaves no doubt that she has fully submitted to anther man. Especially if she is being pissed on in her face or mouth, that's a new level of her submissiveness, and a sign of ultimate obedience and humility.

I myself enjoy pissing inside a woman's cunt, either while inside her myself, or standing over her while she holds herself open for my stream. I love to surprise a girl with letting loose a flow after I've just came in her and my cock is still buried in her cunt, Its unexpected the first time I do it to a woman, but I love the reaction from them realizing I'm taking a piss inside her pussy. The nastiness obviously thrills many of them as I've been asked to do it a second and third time with them after sex.

I just love to see a woman surrender to my own nasty desires like that. Its fun to see her glistening with the wetness of my urine after I've already thoroughly used and abused her body for my own pleasure.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BBW's I love

Though I appreciate women of all shapes and sizes, I find myself VERY attracted to white BBW women. Just love some curves and thickness to a woman's physique. I appreciate anywhere from the few extra pounds, to the truly FAT. These girls were just made for black dick!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Your wifes CUNT

Married pussy is so sweet, and I'd love to taste your wife delicious cunt. I'd love to play with it, tease it, penetrate it, make it drip, and own it. I would be gentle at first, licking at her meat folds, and sucking gently at her clit, the idea to literally get her juices flowing. Love to see her so excited at another mans touch she is saturated in her own cummy secretions, her labia glistening in her wetness. I'd dive into her box tongue first and worm my way so deep in her that my face would be buried hard against her crotch. When I pull back I'm bound to have plenty of her nectar coating my lips and cheeks, that's when I go in for a deep passionate kiss on her. Ravaging her mouth like I own it, and letting her taste her own sauce on my lips with an erotic, lustful kiss.

Then its back to work on her married pussy, but not near as gentle and nice this time. I'd look to abuse it like a piece of meat, and not care like it was some other mans sweet wife. Starting with maby 2 fingers thrusting in her, I'd quickly move on to more, shoving them forcefully in and out of her with rapid succession. I would pause to have her fingers spread her pussy lips wide for me so I could spit hard into her open cunt and tell her that this snatch is MINE, and I know she is enjoying this. After ramming her repeatedly with more of my fingers, I'd start pressing hard against every square inch of her inner walls, exploring every piece of her insides with aggressive force. Of course at that point we would have to have her screaming my name, and swearing like a depraved whore telling me what a slut for black cock she is. That's when I'd climb on her and quickly bury my shaft to full depth in her slit, touching her cervix slightly with the head of my dark cock.

I'd pound on her like she owed me money for several minutes. Her white labia would look fantastic stretched around my black dick, coating it more and more with her cummy extract with every thrust and with drawl. The contrast between your wife's milky sex, and her lovers black cock would look fantastic. When ready to blow in her honey hole, I'd tell her to spread her legs further apart for me than she ever has for her husband. When her thighs were spread to maximum capacity, and I could easily bounce off her cunt with great speed and depth, I'd quickly reach orgasm. I'd deposit a huge load in her too, giant loads of thick semen from a black man would gush into her insides and coat her pussy walls. But the fun part would be watching it leak back out of her now red, swollen, and well used cunt. As my wad globbed out of her gaping hole, and runs down her taint toward her asshole, you and her would know....

That pussy is mine!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

live in

I was approached today by couple looking for a live in situation, not the first time I've heard of such a thing, but the first time I believe someone was dead serious about it.

Several white couples have the fantasy of having a black bull take the wife to bed... But I find the ones that want that bull to live in that bed with the wife very interesting.

I must say the idea is very intriguing for a man in my position, constant source of white pussy, catered and pampered to, regarded as a god in their house. Whats not to love. I myself fantasize often about taking another mans wife in front of him, and to do it on a constant basis would be that much hotter.

Love the thought of having a couple allow me access to the wife's cunt on a 24 hour basis, as I please. I would for sure cook up some nasty scenarios living under their roof. Have to try doing the little wifey in every room of their house, and even the backyard. Of course at all hours of the day and night just very spontaneously. Even instigate some nasty sex during day to day activities, while making dinner, while she is on the phone with family, etc.

It would be a kick to be in the room, watching everything she does, and think I could have her do anything at anytime.... and her husband would love to watch it too. Sometimes I think I might just have to instruct her to show her submission to me as a master at any moment I see fit. Lick my ass at random intervals, dis-allow clothing for her (except a collar), spit on her often, call her a white WHORE..... woah, I could get carried away in that live in situation, hope whoever is serious about it understands it could get sexually out of hand for their wife!