Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Rings

In my opinion, they are overlooked as a tool that's able to be incorporated into sexual play. In mainstream society, wedding rings are of course meant to symbolize the promise of a married couple to be faithful to each other. They indicate that the wearer is a 'taken' woman, and has no interest in men other than her husband. So when I see a ring on a finger of a woman I'm either flirting with or having sex with, I view it as a turn-on and a taboo to be broken.

It first came to my attention when a wife I was sleeping with at the time would remove her necklace, her earrings, her bracelets, and then her wedding band before she slipped under the sheets. I understand discarding your jewelry before hopping in the sack, but part of me disliked that she felt the need to also shed the symbol of her fidelity. It dawned on me that I liked seeing her adorn such an indication of her marriage... YET... be acting like such a wanton slut for ME! It was a sign of what kind of woman I had in front of me, a married white whore disregarding the bonds of matrimony to satisfy her desire for obscene sex with a black man. I deeply wanted to see her keep it on while I ravished her, so I just suggested it at my next opportunity. Her response was exactly what I had hoped it would be, She seemed elated that I found the emblem of her marriage such a kinky turn-on. Being eager to oblige my fetish for breaking such a taboo, she even offered to use her left hand only to stroke my cock while she sucked the head my dick so I could see her rings. That led to a thunderous orgasm while she declared what a ‘dirty white wife’ she was for me.

And since, I’ve integrated some element of kink involving a woman's wedding rings into every sexual relationship I've had with a married white wife. The next time that it sparked my imagination to involve some "ring play", was during a sexual relationship with a married slut while her very cuckold husband watched us engage in lewd sexual behavior. I was contemplating where to deposit my load on his wife, in her cunt, on her face, or..... on her wedding ring! The idea hit as a perfect way to mark my territory on his woman and show my lack of respect for their cuckold marriage. I was amazed how much I myself got off on tarnishing her ring with a hot load of gooey cum. Later they both shared with me how much it turned both of them on as husband and wife to experience. With that couple it became a regular practice to smear her rings while I came. Usually before I came, I’d have her place her hand across one of her breasts so her ring rested on her nipple, lots of fun to coat her jewelry and watch it ooze down and lather her tit as well. Also equally if not more satisfying to do the same with her ring finger in her own slit. In either case, I’d always demand to watch her clean her rings off in front of her husband.

Another couple, with whom I also introduced to the kink of ring play, got into it in a different way. The husband also liked the idea of violating a married woman’s symbolic ring. He suggested the idea of having her wear it on an anklet or attached to the nipple ring on one of her pierced nipples while I fucked his wife. So of course we tried both and I’d suck and spit on her diamond jewelry while thrusting my dick in her holes. It was most fun while it dangled from a breast so I could use it to simultaneously tease her nipple while in my mouth.

With one of my longest running girlfriends, a married woman who played with hubbies consent and encouragement, we regularly get together without her husband present. It was her idea at first to play to his cuckold wishes by coming home with a pussy full of cum and show him the deposits in her panties. She shared with me more than a few times how much he loved seeing how much semen oozed out of her holes and into the crotch of her panties. I began by suggesting that she always wear black silk or satin panties so the contrast of the white cum stood out further gleaming against a canvas of black. We’d regularly play late into the night and at one point began calling and sending him lewd pictures while we got kinky. It was actually HER idea to put her own ring in the middle of the crotch of her cum stained undies to send to him through his e-mail. I thoroughly enjoyed the look of it, and her husband was overjoyed with the lewdness of the scene. I couldn’t help but imagine what he thought upon seeing it. Here are a few pictures of the debauchery.

While I’m surfing Interracial Porn on the net or browsing user photo’s, I must admit it’s always kinkier and more of a turn on when you see a marriage band on the ring finger of a white slut fooling around with black men. I seem drawn to look for one in any series of pictures from interracial swingers personal photo galleries. Either it’s right up front and plainly visible, or you have to search for it a bit, but I always smile to myself when I see it in other peoples material.

One of my favorite Ideas I have yet to try is replacing a woman’s wedding ring with a piece of jewelry I’ve given her. You have to admit that is a sure sign of establishing my dominance and a great symbol of her showing submission. I’ve heard from a few cuck hubbies too that loved the idea for their wife. A bold move like that is only for those into the idea of ownership of their wife by a black master. I think one of the following rings would be appropriate for such a declaration….

As an identification of her belonging to another man, I always view this particular piece of jewelry as turn-on. To see it on a ring finger while we’re getting to business puts me in a very sexually deviant frame of mind.

“It’s only kinky the first time”…..


  1. Loved it all. Guess I am one of them husbands. Sure do not know the origin of it but do recall my first wife had an affair with a black football player at Minnesota and hearing about it when she got VD from him only turned me on. Getting her to tell me about each time made me very horny. We did not split because of that affair. Oh, Have you ever had a "straight" husband clean your cock with his mouth? Best, Chris4488 (

  2. I just adore your attitude. One of my biggset fantasies involves licking another man's cum off of my wife's wedding ring! Yumm.

  3. I have had my wedding ring placed into my vagina before having sex!