Friday, March 5, 2010


I don't typically enjoy anything sexual that invokes pain, but man to I love to give a white woman a swat on her ass now and then. Doesn't have to be terribly hard to be fun, the point isn't always to turn her skin red from constant abuse. I just like to see the plump flesh of a hot ass jiggle around as i give it a smack now and again. I've always found that slapping a booty tells a woman she is desired, and that I'm not planning to be a timid in bed whatsoever.

I find Spanking incites the feeling of surrender and submission women CRAVE, as many women need to give up control and give themselves "permission" to feel sexual.
The suspense of asking her to bend over when she knows i want to give her ass a good hit, accomplishes the subtle humiliation that states I'm in charge. I want a woman to feel submissive and vulnerable and some good attention to an attractive bottom supplies just that.

The most fun can be when it's done as a surprise to a woman's rear end. When she has no idea a slap to her butt is coming is usually when the oohhh's and aahhhh's come out. After beginning with a few irregularly timed, and unanticipated swats.... she has no idea when the next wallop might fall and it's more effective in increasing her arousal.

In between a few spanks, i like to give other attention to her ass by playing with her bottom in a more caressing way, and squeezing and testing its firmness and fullness. Meanwhile telling her what I'm going to do to her bottom, and how its shape and size please me on so many levels. Then throw another sting to her ass, after deeply massaging her white butt's fatty flesh.

Some women DO love it rough I've found. They feel the need to be punished, wanting it to hurt and sting. I believe some want to be disciplined, scolded, and cleansed in a sense. Happy to make it about a little sadomasochistic pleasure for those that crave it, but I rather just enjoy the feeling of power and control I have from just putting her into the predicament of being bent over & spanked.

Usually it's not a high number of spanks or how hard they are that brings women to a wet state of sexual readiness. Rather, it's a combination of the loud and erotic clapping sound against her butt, and how deeply she feels her submissive helplessness, and the total sexual stimulation of her bottom. Done right it tells a woman she is wanted, desirable, and viewed as a sexual object, that is the key to working over a white wife's ass!

Some white women's asses are just begging for attention!

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